Relocation services

Zug bei NachMoving to a new country generates a lot of questions, uncertainties and sometimes even stress. We are here to take away all of these worries and walk you through the process every step of the way.

The Relocation Company is the ideal partner in this respect. We come from Zug and have built up a valuable network here. We can be your go-betweens from one culture to another, in discussions with landlords, school administrations and local/national authorities. We will show you the little secrets of everyday Swiss life and be there to answer all your questions, making you feel at home in no time at all.

Standard packages which combine a solid basic offer with individual attention are by no means a contradiction in terms – they are actually complementary. They create a sense of security as well as the necessary context to meet the wide variety of needs you will have. Regardless of which package you choose, the initial personal discussion you have with us will form the basis of a successful working relationship.



  • Orientation tour

    • Orientation tour package (half-day)
    • Orientation tour package (full day)

    Please get in touch and we will send you a detailed cost estimate with of course no obligation on your part

Have you received a job offer in Zug or nearby but have no knowledge of the area? Is your family going to be moving with you? Do you have a list of questions regarding schools, finding somewhere to live and what life is like over here? An orientation tour will be a good way to help you come to a decision. We will be here to welcome you on-site and introduce you to what Switzerland in general and Zug in particular has to offer, giving you detailed information on the housing market, schools, public transport and day-to-day living in Switzerland.

  • House hunting

    • House hunting package (Basic)
    • House hunting package (Superior)
    • House hunting package (Executive)

    Please get in touch and we will send you a detailed cost estimate with of course no obligation on your part

Where and how you live is important, so let a firm which knows the area look after this task for you. You can rely on us to find you a beautiful new home for you to live in. We will define with you a tailored and realistic search profile, then set up appointments for visits using our local network. We will be the contact person with the landlords and discuss with you in advance the pros and cons of what you are going to visit, and help you come to a decision. We will help you throughout the application process and either accompany you or represent you when the keys are handed over. We will also ensure that the all-important hand-over form is filled out correctly. Most flats in Switzerland are unfurnished. For short-term stays (3-6 months) or as a temporary solution until new accommodation is ready, business apartments are available.

  • Settling in

    • Settling in package (Basic)
    • Settling in package (Superior)
    • Settling in package (Executive)
    • Schooling package (half-day)
    • Schooling package (full day)
    • Permit package
    • Mobility package

    Please get in touch and we will send you a detailed cost estimate with of course no obligation on your part

Every country has its own customs, and everyday living in a foreign land is a tiring and complicated business to begin with. There are so many things that are new and so much to do – registering with the authorities, choosing the right school, buying furniture and a car, setting up electricity and the Internet, selecting health insurance and a doctor and signing up for language lessons. That is what we are here for – giving you all the first-hand tips you need.

  • Moving away

    • Leave Package (Basic)
    • Leave Package (Superior)
    • Leave Package (Executive)

    Please get in touch and we will send you a detailed cost estimate with of course no obligation on your part

When it is time to say goodbye to Switzerland, we can again help to make things easier for you. We can take care of giving notice on your accommodation at the right time or find someone to take on the rental agreement. We can arrange for the accommodation to be thoroughly cleaned and for any necessary repairs to be made, including the cost reimbursement from your liability insurance. We will ensure that the flat or house is returned to the landlord and your deposit returned to you, all with a minimum of fuss, as well as cancelling all relevant contracts such as for the Internet, electricity, health insurance and bank accounts etc. We will de-register you with the authorities and follow up on all the little details such as forwarding your post. With our executive package, we also coordinate your move with a removal firm.

  • Individual packages

    • Partner programmes
    • Cross-cultural information events
    • Residential services
    • Furniture for hire
    • A la carte offers

    Please get in touch and we will send you a detailed cost estimate with of course no obligation on your part

We can fulfill your individual needs, not only with additional services as part of our packages but with extras that are tailored to your exact requirements such as partner programmes and cross-cultural info events. And we will specifically address any needs of the partner to ensure that they also feel at home in their new environment, because if that is not the case, then the next move – away from Switzerland – may come sooner than anticipated.
Once you are settled in Switzerland, we can look after your apartment, house or pets during any short-term absences, as part of our residential services. Should your own furniture not arrive on time after the move, then we can arrange for temporary replacements. And if you still have any other wishes that we have not mentioned, then simply ask us about our à la carte offers.




Many, many thanks for the great job you did for us! We are very happy with our apartment and the smooth way we managed to get settled in Switzerland.

CEO of a global hedge fund

I can highly recommend Nicole Elbel. She relocated my family very professionally – it made the start in Switzerland stress-free so I could just focus on my work.

Chief controller of a global commodity company

Thanks, you and your team are always so helpful.

Project manager at a global refinery

From our point of view, our move seemed more complicated than usual. We were guided attentively through the unexpected twists and turns, experienced a superb move and ended up in the place of our choice.

Corporate head of human resources of a global refinery